About Us


Here's the scenario: time to practice but nowhere to go.  The garage?  Too hot or cold.  The spare bedroom? Small and bothers the fam.  The storage room?  Enough said.


What we offer:  Secure, acoustic treated spaced available 24x7 on long term lease. 


Location:  4425 US 1 Highway South, Suite 209, St. Augustine, FL 32086


Phone:     904-537-7631


Email:       info@tightenupstudios.com





Rules and Policies




While I hate rules -- and I'm guessing you do to -- we have a few guidelines to make sure everyone enjoys their practice sessions.


  • If something in the room isn't working right -- or -- you have questions on how to adjust a piece of equipment provided by us, ask for help right away.  We'll be glad to give you a hand.
  • We are a drug free zone and smoke free zone.  We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.
  • We expect everyone to leave things as they found them.  Put your trash in the trash cans so everyone can enjoy their session.
  • Suite 209 has 3 parking spots in front of the suite.  Additional parking is at each end of the building and behind the building.  Please respect that the other slots are our neighboors parking slots.