About Us


Here's the scenario: time to practice but nowhere to go.  The garage?  Too hot or cold.  The spare bedroom? Small and bothers the fam.  The storage room?  Enough said.


What we offer:  Fully equipped practice rooms with Yamaha Mixers, JBL Monitors, Marshall and Fender Amplifiers, Ampeg Bass Amps and Yamaha Stage Custom Kits.


The approach:  You pay by the hour for practice time.  Show up, plug in, and play.  It is that simple.


Location:  4425 US 1 Highway South, Suite 209, St. Augustine, FL 32086


Phone:     904-537-7631


Email:       info@tightenupstudios.com


Hours:      5:30 PM - 10:30 PM, Monday - Saturday, By Appointment


If your band needs a different time than what is listed, call us and we will see what we can work out.

Rules and Policies




While I hate rules -- and I'm guessing you do to -- we have a few guidelines to make sure everyone enjoys their practice sessions.


  • Your time slot includes the time you need to set up (which is pretty limited) and breakdown (which is also pretty limited).  We'll give you a heads up tap on the glass when you have about 10 minutes left in your session.
  • If something in the room isn't working right -- or -- you have questions on how to adjust a piece of equipment, ask for help right away.  We'll be glad to give you a hand.
  • If you damage equipment in the room or the room due to abuse, we will charge you for the damage.
  • We are a drug free zone and smoke free zone.  We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.
  • Drummers -- We will ask to hold either a credit card or your drivers license in exchange for cymbal nuts/felt.  We'll return your card when you return the hardware at the end of your session.  We have a set of cymbals (high hat, ride, crash) for rent for $ 5 per hour.  Most drummers will prefer to bring their own cymbals.  We understand that from time to time drums require tuning.  Please let us know if the set you are playing needs attention and we will make sure to tune them up before your next visit.  Also, we understand that heads can dimple, crack and tear.  Any damage resulting other than regular and reasonable rehearsal use, will be charged back to you.  If you notice an issue with the gear, let us know immediately.
  • We expect everyone to leave things as they found them.  Put your trash in the trash cans so everyone can enjoy their session.
  • You can book your session by email or by calling us.  If you cancel within 12 hours of your scheduled time, we will charge you a one hour fee because we were unable to rent the room to another band.  Session charges are settled on arrival.
  • In general, the musicians are expected to bring their own equipment.  If you need a cord or something minor, we will loan you the cord and hold your ID/credit card until you return it to us.  We may offer some instruments (guitars, bass) for rent by the hour.  We will have strings, sticks and picks for sale.
  • We accept credit cards and debit cards.  No checks.
  • Suite 209 has 3 parking spots in from of the suite.  Additional parking is at each end of the building and behind the building.  Please respect that the other slots are our neighboors parking slots.