About Us


Here's the scenario: time to practice but nowhere to go.  The garage?  Too hot or cold.  The spare bedroom? Small and bothers the fam.  The storage room?  Enough said.


What we offer:  Fully equipped practice rooms with Yamaha Mixers, JBL Monitors, Marshall and Fender Amplifiers, Ampeg Bass Amps and Yamaha Stage Custom Kits.


The approach:  You pay by the hour for practice time.  Show up, plug in, and play.  It is that simple.


Location:  4425 US 1 Highway South, Suite 209, St. Augustine, FL 32086


Phone:     904-537-7631


Email:       info@tightenupstudios.com


Hours:      5:30 PM - 10:30 PM, Monday - Saturday, By Appointment


If your band needs a different time than what is listed, call us and we will see what we can work out.

Schedule A Session

It's easy.  Call us at 904-537-7631 or contact us . 

Sessions are scheduled in blocks of one hour and includes set up and break down time.   Full backline is provided including PA with floor monitors, two guitar amps, bass amp and drum kit.  Drummers may rent  a set of cymbals or bring their own,

Show Up and Plug In

No explanation needed.  No lugging equipment around.  Just plug into our backline and start playing. 

Break Down

All done.  Grab your stuff and head out. Again, no lugging gear around.  When your done, leave the room like you found it.  Pack up and don't forget to schedule another session.